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Case Study: Transmission Media
This case study of the fictitious company, Superior Views Industrial, was created to illustrate what a network professional may need to consider improving connectivity among geographically dispersed locations. The home office of the company is in Portland, and branch offices are located in Pittsburgh, Princeton, Nashville, and New Orleans.
Superior Views Industrial is typical of any company that may have grown through merger or acquisition and needs to improve a system of connectivity that may be outdated or non-optimal. The current system has a number of older 4800 and 9600 Kbps modems. If the company continues to grow, a properly designed system will allow new sites to be added to the network without
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The first benefit is improved efficiency.
Efficiency can be improved with statistical multiplexing, which is a method of time-division multiplexing, where time slots on a shared transmission line are assigned to devices on demand, as needed. Arrival time at the multiplexer by signals, not what input line they are on, determines the order in which they are sequenced. As the signals are placed on the multiplexed line, an identifier is added by the multiplexer so that the signals will be forwarded properly.
A second way that the efficiency can be improved is with compression of data. Compression allows fewer bits of data to represent the original amount of data. There are several compression techniques that may be used, depending on the data type. Run-length encoding is one type of compression and is used to compress any form of character sequence that repeats.
The second main benefit that the company will realize with multiplexing is a cost savings, because rather than have to pay for a number of lines with varying capacity, fewer lines will mean less in access costs. Although the proposed lines may be greater in capacity than the sum total of the current line capacity, prices become more cost effective as higher capacity lines are chosen.
Table 1 shows the capacity requirements for Superior Views Industrial prior to the adoption of multiplexers. After Superior Views Industrial adopts multiplexers, they will be able to

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