Celta Lesson Plan Real Beginner Essay

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| CELTA Lesson Plan |

Teacher: | Kellie Cristhina dos Anjos | Level: | Real beginner | Date: | Mar 14th, 2013 | Lesson No.: | 3 | Length: | 45’ | Start time: | 9:00 | No. of Ss.: | 7 | | | Finish time: | 9:45 |

MAIN AIM (language/skills): GRAMMAR | By the end of this lesson students will be able to give their e-mails, telephone and talk about their profession. | SUBSIDIARY AIMS: | 1. Students will review the greetings and professions presented in the previous classes. 2. Students will be presented the following possessive adjectives: my, your, his and her |

MATERIALS: | Board, chalk, pictures, handouts, cards. |

CHECKLIST (tick those included in this lesson plan) | model
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T greets Ss. 2. T shows Ss the hand out and tells them to complete the gaps with the words/expressions in the box. 3. T does the first as a model. 4. When Ss finish T pairs them and tells them to compare their answers. 5. T tells Ss to unfold the page and check the answers. | T – SS – S | 5’ | P: Ss might not remember some structures from the dialogue.S: T monitors and helps Ss when necessary. | | Practice (review)(Practice the structures from previous lessons) | 1. T pairs Ss. 2. T tells them to practice the conversation in the hand out with their own information. 3. T models conversation with a student. | T – SS - S | 5’ | P: Ss might have difficulties when substituting the information.S: T monitors and helps when necessary. | | Presentation(Present the structures to Ss) | 1. T points to the handout and reads the sentence out loud: “My name is Jennifer”. 2. T points to herself and says: “My name is Kellie” 3. T shows Kaká’s picture and says: “His name is Káká” 4. T drills pronunciation. 5. T pins Kaká’s picture on the board. 6. T shows Jennifer’s picture and says: “Her name is Jennifer” 7. T drills pronunciation 8. T pins the picture on the board. 9. T points to a S and says: “Your name is (S’s name)” 10. T repeats the action pointing to several Ss. 11. T points again to Kaká and Jennifer’s pictures and again to a S. 12. T

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