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Centralia No.5: A Mine Tragedy That Didn’t Have to Happen Tisa S. Frederick Strayer University PAD500016VA016-1126-001 (Modern Public Administration) Dr. Joseph Keller July 22, 2012

Centralia No.5: A Mine Tragedy That Didn’t Have To Happen
On March 25, 1947, the mining world in the city of Centralia, Illinois was forever changed. This was the day 111 miners lost their lives, in Centralia No. 5, due to the neglect and disregard of the safety issues that were presented to those, for five (5) years, that were supposed to protect them. The blame lies at the feet of many. A few of them
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This would have surely caught the eye of the Director and higher ups.
Scanlan’s Motivation toward the Constitution
Scanlan believed the regulations put in place by the state and later the federal government would be followed through. He continually believed in the system that let him down.
Scanlan’s Motivation toward Bureaucracy
Scanlan stated, “That I have always been opposed to corrupt, grafting politicians and that I wasn’t going to be one myself…” (Stillman p. 41). This statement is enough to let you know he did not believe in the red tape put there by officials but was and would be for the people.
Scanlan’s Motivation toward Obligation
Scanlan felt obligated to keep fighting for the miners. This is evident in the numerous reports he submitted and the ways he tried to make changes happen for the miners, although they were continually ignored and pushed aside. Being a former miner himself, he know it was hard for the voice of the miners to be heard and with him serving in the capacity of an inspector, their voice would somehow be heard. He felt it was the Department of Mines and Minerals responsibility to take care of the miners and not focus on the political propaganda.
Possible Paths
On March 25, 1947, a mine explosion at Centralia No. 5 in Centralia, Ill. brought the light how the continued disregard of mine safety could and would bring about tragedy. At the time of the explosion most of the men were at the mantraps

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