Essay about Ch.13 Qvc Strategic Management

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Jenni Richardson
January 28, 2011

Case 13: – QVC

QVC is for quality, value and convenience; this is the vision that Joseph Segel had in 1986 when he started the company and it continues to be the cornerstone of the firm’s operations. These three simple words communicates to all stakeholders the firm‘s values, aspirations and goals. QVC is dedicated to giving customers more: more choices, more brands, more entertaining programming, and more great values.

QVC’s vision is quality, value and convenience for all customers. The mission is dedicated to giving customer more: more choices, more brands, more entertaining programming, and more great values. The strategic objectives are to pursue a leading position, achieve
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QVC also provides a credit program to allow customers to pay for goods over a period of several months. Everything else it sells is also backed by a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. QVC is consistently proactive and continues to identify opportunities and well as threats in the external market. QVC utilizes resources and expands its capabilities thru acquisitions, partnerships and the deployment of aggressive marketing campaigns. QVC used the economic downturn as an opportunity to build a stronger, leaner, more financially sound and technology-rich company for the long-term.

The first of many acquisitions begin in 1988 when Segel acquired the Diamonique Corporation, a manufacturer of simulated gemstones and jewelry. Two years later, QVC expanded by acquiring one of its competitors, the Cable Value Network Shopping channel.QVC is always looking for ways to build on their success, attract new viewers, and make the QVC experience even better for longtime customers. QVC is also entering new markets by offering its shopping channel to customers outside North America. QVC has expanded to UK, Germany, and Japan, getting over seventy million new customers in three countries.

Because the Web greatly enhances the users’ ability to search for products, the point of competition for QVC is the functionality of its website as it relates to the customers’ shopping experience in the online

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