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Sponsorship Packet for Verizon Wireless

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Executive Summary 3 Charlotte Bobcats Profile 4 A. Team History 4 Mission Statement and Objectives 5 A. Core Values 5 Charlotte Bobcats Event & Program Description 6 A. Venue Information 6 B. Arena Staff Contact Information 7 2013-2014 Charlotte Bobcats Schedule 8 Corporate Partnership Department12 Inventory of Assets & Benefits13 Capabilities & Past Experience Producing Events14 Compatibility with Sponsor's Image & Target Market15 Sponsorship16 Addendum17

Executive Summary of
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There is a palpable “buzz” in the Carolinas as we near this rebirth. "People that have not come to many Bobcats games at all are now buying season tickets," said Bobcats President and COO Fred Whitfield (Martinez, 2013). In spite of being the worst team in the league over the course of the last two seasons, ticket sales for the 2013 Bobcats are up 60 percent, the team is in the top 10 in new ticket sales, in the top 10 in season ticket renewals, and once the switch over to the Hornets name is finalized, an even larger spike is expected (Martinez). We envision the Charlotte area and the Carolinas assuming a leading role in sport media during the 21st century and beyond. The Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets are going to be a big piece of that future. In order to meet our goals we are searching for like minded partners who have the desire and ability to be civic minded while delivering the best available product to fans and customers. We believe the time is right for the Charlotte Bobcats, a leader in the NBA to partner with Verizon Wireless, America's leading mobile network operator to form an unbeatable team with limitless potential!
Just like the Bobcats, Verizon Wireless appeals to the all important 18-49 year old demographic. Through a partnership with us, VW can secure loyal Bobcats fans as loyal VW customers. We play our home games in the state of the art Time Warner Cable Arena (TWCA). TWCA is also home to the Charlotte

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