Child Development Reflections Essay

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There are many key factors that play into a child’s development, the most important of these: the early childhood educator. The early childhood educator plays the role of primary influence in the child’s life, encouraging relationships between parent and child and establishing relationships between parent and teacher, helping the child’s skill set expand and they’re mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities to grow. The feelings I get when I become a influential force in a child’s life along with there thirst for knowledge and life around them is what excites me about working with young children, t touching them spiritually and help them become all that they can be.

The early childhood educator is an individual who accepts the role
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Good relationships that expand past the teacher, children, and parents allow even more ways that a child’s development is able to grow. An educator that has a relationship with the church creates a solid foundation in which the families of the school may call upon for prayer, praise, or in times of need. The church will always be there to help and allows a comfortable feeling for many families. An educator that has strong relationships with colleagues creates new avenues to brainstorm for lesson plans, activities, among other things. An educator can express problems in a classroom and ask for help on the best way to solve things, or share input on things that have worked well and may help other teachers in their own classrooms.

I first became interested in early childhood education when I was 12 years old. I had just finished my time in a program called AWANA. This program is for ages 3 to 6th grade and is split between preschool, K-2nd grade, and 3rd-6th grade. I had entered into an LIT (Leader In Training) program for the cubbies, the preschool group. The children learned short bible verses, watched puppet shows, and had a small bible lesson. Working with these children made me realize just how much of a difference I could make in the lives of children. Occasionally, I would run into a family outside of the club and their child would recognize me. Then I would be able to share my faith

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