Child Molestation Is the Most Horrible Crime an Adult Can Commit

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Child molestation is the most horrible crime an adult can commit. I believe this type of crime does more psychological damage to its victims than any other type of crime. Who are child sex offenders? Do they look like monsters? The fact is a child sex offender can be anyone. A child molester is often a person the victim's parents or the victims think they can trust. The devastation these people cause their victims is tragic. Their victims are certain to suffer a lifetime of emotional trauma. Child sex offenders should not get a second chance. They should get life in prison for their first offense. More than one-half of offenders (about sixty percent) are family acquaintances, such as baby sitters, neighbors or other family friends. …show more content…
(Jordan) Possible long-term effects of child sexual abuse if the victim is not properly treated, are PTSD/or anxiety, (PTSD is a form of anxiety that comes after a stressful or frightening event) depression, low self esteem, substance abuse, eating disorders, and suicidal tendencies. (Whealin) We need to protect our children. We cannot afford to give these child sexual offenders a second chance. The well being of children should be more important to society. When a child sexual offender is found guilty of abusing one child he/she should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In the past, child molestation was considered a family problem. This problem was handled within the home and was not reported. (Child Sexual)
The criminal justice system has addressed this problem more in the last decade. In recent years mental health professionals have recognized the life time mental health problems caused to the victims of child molestation. (Child Sexual) People have many different views on the appropriate punishment for a convicted child sex offender. In California over half of all paroled sex offenders re-offend or violate their parole within one year of their release from prison. (Renee) Governor Pete Wilson signed legislation on September 27, 1997 to require chemical castration of twice-convicted child molesters. (Punishment) I agree with

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