Essay about Children 's Role Of Fast Food Companies

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Children’s Role in the Success of Fast Food Companies
Have you ever wondered how fast food companies are still successful even after the public views their product as unhealthy? If you have, the answer is so simple yet you might not realize how obvious it is: marketing to children. After reading several articles and essays on fast food companies and obesity, two papers stood out to me. The two articles are "Don 't Blame the Eater" by David Zinczenko, which talks about child obesity and who is ultimately responsible for this problem, and the essay "Your Trusted Friends" by Eric Scholsser, which talks about how corporations such as McDonald 's and Disney run and how they use their marketing strategy and target the children. The two papers have completely different directions. However, the topic of marketing to children is present in both papers. Advertising to children is fast food companies ' way of keeping their wallet fat - along with their customers. If we really want to solve our obesity problem, we should start by prohibiting marketing to children by law. Fast food companies market their products to children through the use of TV commercials, price adjustment, and in-store child entertainment. Fast food companies target the children because our youth are gullible. Commercials on TV are the number one way to reach a product to a child. Since these companies know that kids at a young age, especially in America, watch television almost 24/7, fast food companies bring out…

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