Essay on Christianity vs. Jainism

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Christianity v. Jainism I have chosen Christianity and Jainism, two of the major world religions as the two religions I would like to compare. I chose these two religions because of my familiarity with Christianity and my interest in wanting to learn more about Jainism. I started my research by wanting to know about their similarities but ended up learning a lot more about their differences. I will begin by giving a brief summary on each religion and then I will list and explain three differences in their views on perfection, beliefs in Gods, and lastly their beliefs about non-violence. Lastly, I will inform the reader how these differences affect the people within the religion. First, let’s take a look at Christianity. It is a …show more content…
Karma is actual matter that we accumulate as we live our lives. This karma can only be cleared away in the human form, which is the highest stage of life. To perfect as soon as possible, Jains will try to not surround themselves with any negative influences. The three basic principles Jains adopt to avoid the accumulation of Karma is non-violence (ahimsa), non-attachment (aparigraha), and non-absolutism (anekantwad) (Living 124). The second difference is their beliefs in gods. Christianity believes that there is a higher power. There is a Holy Trinity, God the Father, His Son, and The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the Son, was born of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and sent to us from God for our salvation. In Jainism, there is belief that there are Gods, but it is believed that anybody can become one. The Jains do not believe in the supernatural immortals (JAINISM). Jainism is a religion of purely human origin. It is propagated by self effort and have been liberated from the bonds of worldly existence, and the cycles of all future life and death (JAINISM). Lastly, are their views on non-violence. While both believe strongly in non-violence, Jains are a little more extreme in their views. Christians look at non-violence as taking innocent human lives and they have the belief that God provided animals as a source of food. Jains believe that life should not be taken in any form. The doctrine of ahisma, one of the three principles for

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