Essay on Church Leadership

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The subject of my evaluation, let’s call him Tb, an interesting young brother; converted at an early and called to be in the service of the lord almost immediately. His background speaks greatly of the way we should all strive to instruct our children in methods of behavior and interaction with others . He serves as the Youth Pastor at the church where I currently attend. He oversees a group of approximately 45-50 young people from 12 years of age until early adulthood. This is a long span of years where being accountable , and totally transparent apparently pays
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3. How specifically does the Holy Spirit help guide you as you lead/serve in your ministry? Also, can you give a specific example of how you were able to clearly recognize that the Holy Spirit was helping/guiding you in dealing with a particular situation and/or decision while in your ministry? What advice would you give me that, if I obeyed, would assure me that I would be able to be guided by the Holy Spirit in my life and/or ministry? “ The Holy Spirit Guide and leads me in ways which could only be attributed to the God Head “. I have been a recipient of Gods provision in so many ways, my schooling here at Liberty is a prime example of The Holy Spirits guidance and provision. I had applied to Oral Roberts University , was accepted and was preparing to go, got an email from Liberty answered the email, was accepted and financing was secured all within a week! A secondary instance was about two weeks ago, The church was in prep mode for the Unashamed concert I had been up for about 20 hrs. Working and such so I was physically spent. I was then asked to speak that Wednesday night on the benefits of sponsoring a concert of this type for the young people of the area. Immediately

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