Cis 336 Final Exam Devry - Complete Answer Essay

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CIS 336 Final Exam DeVry - Complete Answer

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Page 1 – Multiple Choice
1. (TCO 1) Most DBMS are referred to as _____________database management systems. (Points : 4) elemental linked hierarchical relational
2. (TCO 1) Data constitutes the building blocks of _____________. (Points : 4) information processing applications programming
3. (TCO 2) If a foreign key contains either matching values or nulls, the table(s) that make use of such a foreign key is/are said to exhibit __________
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(Points : 4) create only referential constraints define and name any constraint create a short cut so the constraint does not have to be named create only entity entegrity constraints
2. (TCO 4) The SQL command that lets you list the table contents is (Points : 4) insert. select. commit. update. rollback. 3. (TCO 5) The Crow’s Foot model is more ___________-oriented than the Chen model. (Points : 4) object user implementation processor
4. (TCO 5) The ___________ model is both software and hardware dependent. (Points : 4) conceptual logical condensed physical
5. (TCO 6) Which of the following commands will add a new column named FIRSTORDERDATE to the CUSTOMERS table to store the date that the customer first placed an order with the company? (Points : 4)
CREATE COLUMN firstorderdate, DATE TO customers;
ALTER TABLE customers ADD COLUMN firstorderdate DATE;
ALTER TABLE customers ADD firstorderdate DATE;
ALTER TABLE customers ADD (firstorderdate DATE);
6. (TCO 6) When modifying the data characteristics of a column in Oracle, which of the following is correct? (Points : 4)
The column size can be increased.
The size of the column can be decreased.
Changing the default value of a column will change the values of data already in a table.
If a NUMBER column is empty, its precision and scale cannot be changed.
7. (TCO 6) Which of the followig SQL commands would alter the table DEVRY and add a foreign key that

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