Climate Change Is An Inevitable Factor Of Our World 's Development

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Climate change is an inevitable factor of our world 's development and ignoring this issue will only worsen the situation. Nature has demonstrated its reaction of this change with drastic consequences. There are rapid shifts in weather patterns that reach the point of extremity, proving itself harmful to the people of the world. This harm will become even greater when there is no political action to help prevent the effects of climate change. With some of the leaders in the American government remaining passive or ignorant on this issue, progress is uncertain in improving the world’s conditions. Thus, the influential politicians who still choose to regard this evident worldwide issue as insignificant, or even deny its existence, are promoting inaction that will further damage to the planet and people. In order to improve upon this passivity in addressing the climate issue, there must be awareness of the changes in climate and the promotion of activity within the Republican party.
Millennia ago, when the ice age ended, humans developed agriculture, civilization, industry, and technology in a global climate that was mostly predictable. One of the many significant accomplishments of humans is the discovery of fossil fuels and its use for energy in the 1800s. The discovery of this fuel changed the world of industry; ever since this discovery, the concentration and emission of greenhouse gases have increased significantly in the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuel for energy releases…

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