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Meeting 10 – Integrated Marketing Communications
Case Exercise E –
“Southwest Airlines – We love your bag” (uploaded in Moodle) 1. Identify and explain the possible promotional objective(s) of the “Grab Your Bag. It’s On!” campaign.

There are two objectives the Southwest Airlines want to reach through the campaign.

First is creating a more favorable image of the organization. The campaign re-position itself as an airline that treats its customers like people. Through allowing passengers to check two bags free per customer, it seems more attractive and friendly as compared with another competitor which charge US$15 to $25 each for checked bags. It enables customer to have fun flying, since the lower airline budget is one of the
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For the advertising of Southwest Airline, there are two methods are implemented.
It apply institutional advertising in order to build up their organizational images and customer-oriented by the campaigns like the “You are free to move around the country” and “We Love Your Bag” in order to let customers feel like be treated as people. Also, the focal point of most of its advertising is airline and travel-related product etc. instead of the exterior of it planes, which also show its trustworthy too.
Moreover, the company has made use of comparative advertising. It released several commercials criticizing competing airlines “Why do they hate your bags?” to show the advantage on bags free.

Regarding the public relations, Southwest Airline demonstrate their responsiveness by making use of digital material Nuts About Southwest blog and social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, for engaging its customers in dialogue to demonstrate their responsiveness, in the view to maintain favorable relationships with the stakeholders. Moreover, it has participant in community involvement too. They launched a programme, called “Adopt a Pilot”, arranging the pilot to be the mentor of the student and build up relationship across United State in a certain period of time.

About sales promotion, Southwest Airline holds a “Ding” promotion. After download software from the airline’s website, audience could receive information if Southwest offers a low fare by

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