Essay on Coke Zero Case Study

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Coke Zero Case Study

Coca Cola is world renowned soft drink. Unfortunately when it comes to taking health into consideration this is one of the last things one should be ingesting into their system. That’s why Coke introduced Diet Coke in 1982. Unfortunately the typical male consumer shies away from dieting due to social pressure for being perceived or mistaken for the feminine persona often categorized as a homosexual. With proper understanding, Coke was able to market a no calorie, body conscience beverage to the younger male demographic with great success.
The male market, especially in the United States is very eager to acknowledge their masculinity and take various steps to confirm this notion. The U.S. is the country of John
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With the genius of Marketers, Coke managed to spin the needs of dieting into a tough looking beverage. Take into consideration the way that society is okay with men to go the gym in cut off shirts and short shorts and stare at themselves in the mirror. For a peculiar reason, this is justified as tolerable, but any other time where a man looks at himself in a mirror in public, it seen as vain and lacks masculinity. Even take for example the recent popularity of Mixed Martial Arts that face two mostly naked, males against each other in a brutal fight. Essentially, as long as they are beating the living day-lights out of each other, in a sign of masculinity, it’s perfectly fine to neglect the homoeroticism. This ties in well with a recent marketing campaign I view on Korean Television. In this advertisement, two men at peak-performance are sparing in what appears to be a kickboxing match. As soon as the gloves are off, they both reach for a nice cold Coke Zero. This is rather genius marketing for a) they are very athletic men and b) they are participating in a very manly sport yet are still conscious of their body.
Thanks to the progression through the years from proper marketing and famous athletes, many men are taking better care of their bodies. Marketers have been able to reach equilibrium between what is considered masculine and beneficial, without straying into the

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