Collaborative Learning Essay

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Essay question 3: Collaborative Learning

In the Book Review of Collaborative Learning, Stoerger said “ emphasis on collaborative learning is pushing educational community to a new forms” (2008). Collaborative learning involves groups of people to work, such as completing a project or producing a product. All team members’ work sequentially to the project and towards to the same goal. It is quite difference with cooperative learning, which members work concurrently on the project and focus their personal objective (Dillenbourg, 1999). For a university student, it is vital to learn collaborative learning, which can benefits for their current studying and for their futures’ career path. It also exists challenges for
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Based on this systematically thinking, it will gain a conclusion that is more accurate and professional. It is an important academic skill for student and for their future works. The critical thinking skill encourage students to ask question, problem solving and provide comments to others ideas (University of Canberra, 2012). For instance, by thinking critically can help them to provide evidence and reasoning to support their opinions. It is useful in the studying time and also in the workplace. By thinking critically, it will make this person deeper and consideration. Therefore, collaborative learning will establish a sense of understanding on thinking and help students to use this method in their workplace.

To sum up, collaborative learning is a new interaction for instructors and students to improve educational community development. It is not only can help students to learn essential social skills, but also assist them to be good workforces for the society. Those students, who are familiar with collaborative learning, can provide a critical thinking in the job task and skillful employability skills in the workplace. Their personal abilities can contribute to the whole team by accomplishing tasks in efficiency and effective manners. Therefore, collaborative learning will assist students to be efficiency staff in the workplace and have ability to work in a team at a major position.

Challenges of collaborative learning
Although, collaborative

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