Color and Painting Essays

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The museum that I visited was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles. When I first got to the museum, the first thing that caught my eye was the Urban Lights sculpture built in 2008 outside, by Chris Burden. The sculpture has two-hundred and two restored cast iron antique street lamps. The sculpture was painted in white and the actual size was 320 ½ x 686 ½ x 704 ½ inches. Also the whole building had remarkable architectural features. As you walk from room to room, there was a guard in each room. The atmosphere of the museum was very pleasant and comforting. The artwork that was most fascinating was called Die Quelle (The Spring), made in about 1895. The artist of this painting was Hans Thoma
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Also it is naturalistic because there are a lot of trees, grass, rocks, and the spring. It shows a lot of earthy aspects to it from the trees, to the sky, to the woods area in the painting. Lastly the painting is classic because it is portraying objects of everyday, common life instead of something bizarre that no one sees in everyday life. It shows classic or original objects which make this painting that much more realistic. The major theme of this painting is mythological and symbolist subjects over the representation of observed reality seen in academic and impressionist painting. It is mythological because what are painted, are not of real life.
This painting also includes many formal elements of art which include lines, color, hue, value, composition, texture, rhythm, and balance. For instance, there are many different kinds of lines represented in this painting. There are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. They are represented by the division of the sky from the land, the trees, and the positions of the bodies. Also, this painting includes outlines, contour and cross-contour lines, and gesture lines. The composition does not include anything that are irrelevant.
Furthermore, there is a variety of colors in this painting. For example, there are many earth tone colors such as browns, gold, blue, green, white, and coral. These earth tone colors give off a calm, serene, and tranquil atmosphere. The different

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