Essay on Common Ms Office Errors

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Common MS Office Errors

Tanesha Caldwell
Dr. Christopher Barrett
4 December 2010

Microsoft Office Word:
Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing program that allows you to create professional looking documents and revise them easily (Gary Shelly, 2008). This software allows users to create anything from flyers, resumes, cover sheets, research papers, etc. It also allows users to revise them, if needed. These documents can be as simple or complex as needed and also very creative and/or professional, as needed. * Shortcut keys – Shortcut keys are a common error when using Microsoft Word. Most customers do not know that shortcut keys are less time consuming and just as effective as the traditional keys, when
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Microsoft Office Access: Microsoft Access is a database management system. A database management system, such as Access, is a software tool that allows users to use a computer to create a database (Gary Shelly, 2008). It also allows users to add, delete, and modify data within the database. This software allows users to be able to perform queries, relate data, and create reports within the specific data added. * Creating the database – Once the specific data has been identified users can create the database. The database must contain at least one table with one or more fields. Once the data has been added for the table(s) the user must identify a primary key. * Setting the primary key – The user must Click on the desired saved table. Click The DESIGN Ribbon. Click the Row Selector. Click the row selector to the desired row that should be the primary key. Click PRIMARY Key button from the DESIGN Ribbon. * Relating databases – Relating tables to each other will allow users to pull specific related information from the database to perform whatever queries or reports need to be ran on the database. Creating a relationship will allow users to connect the primary jey in one table to a regular field in one of the other tables. * Validating data – If data added to a table is invalid, there will be issues with the entire database. The user will need to make sure that all numbers and

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