Compass and Torch Essay

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Compass and Torch

Children are always the victims, when it comes to divorce between parents. There is in this short story, ‘’Compass and Torch’’ written by Elizabeth Baines, no difference. The boy stands between a choice of his overprotecting mother who doesn’t trust the father of her son, and his masculine and macho father, who clearly has trouble on how to be together with his son. Throughout the father and sons trip, we follow the main characters thoughts.

Jim, the mother’s new boyfriend, is not the eight year old boys biological father, and that is something that the boy is very aware of. Still, he is forcing himself to accept that even dough he is not his biological father, he still has an impact in his life. ‘’It is a good
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His dad seems irritated and cold, when he answers his questions. He answers in short sentences, and his way of communicating with his son, does not improve their bond.

There seems to be a trust issue between the boy’s father and mother. They argue before the trip. ‘’Now you will be careful? Don’t go camping too near the edge.’’ The boy’s father is an adult, so we must assume that he thought of this by himself. The boy’s mother is overprotective for her son, and the son feels that it is a terrible thing to say to him, because he could think for that himself. The trust issue seems to make the boy confused. ‘’When they were ready for off she put her head in through the car window, and her eyes were bulging and wobbly with tears, and he thought he couldn’t bear this: that this moment which he had looked forward to, longed for, as his moment of joy, was a moment of sadness for her.’’ So because his mother feels insecure that his father can actually take care of him, he feels confused. So confused, that when the car slid out of the drive, he didn’t want to go. ‘’And the worst thing of all: that brief but really awful moment when the car slid out of the drive and he felt, after all, he didn’t want to go.’’

We hear about two main objects in the story: A compass and a torch. This stands clear early in the story, and they both figure in the title of the story. The compass is often brought along, to show us the path to our end destination, or at least guide us

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