Essay on Compensation & Benefits

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Compensation & Benefits
Final Exam
This is an open book and open notes exam. You may use whatever materials you feel necessary. I strongly recommend that you refer to the text and Lecture Notes that you read. There are a total of sixty (60) points available on this exam.
Multiple Choice
1) Which of the following is least likely to be used as a skill-based certification method?
a. tests
b. college degree
c. peer review
d. on-the-job demonstration
2) An inappropriate way to assess the acceptability of a job evaluation plan and its resulting job structure is __________________.
a. examine the number of formal appeals
b. examine the number of requests for reanalysis
c. conduct employee attitude surveys
d. examine the
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short-term, long-term
d. long-term, short-term


20) Which of the following is not one of the areas on which unions have a major impact? a. Impact on general benefit levels
b. Impact on customer service
c. Impact on the structure of wages
d. Impact on salary policies and practices
21) All of the following are requirements to ensure a good outcome in the appraisal process except ________.
a. determine the employees’ values concerning the organization
b. train raters in the use of the appraisal system
c. motivate raters to rate accurately
d. provide a sound basis for establishing the performance dimensions
22) All of the following factors are reasons for the growth of benefits except
a. foreign competition
b. unions
c. cost effectiveness of benefits
d. government impetus
23) ______________ is the process of identifying and collecting information about skills required to perform work in an organization.
a. Job analysis
b. Core competency analysis
c. Skills analysis
d. Job specifications analysis
24) A cost-centered approach requires that benefit administrators determine cost commitments for the existing benefit package by evaluating all of the following except:
a. an evaluation of benefits offered by other firms
b. competitiveness of existing package
c. labor agreement
d. compliance with various legal requirements
25) Research focusing on how raters process information about the performance of people they rate indicates the

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