Competitive Forces and Swot Analysis Essays

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Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis
Teresa Hamlett
BUS 599
Strayer University
Dr. Russell Handlon
January 22, 2012

Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis Got organic? Concerns for healthier foods have led to consumers purchasing alternative foods. Consumers have found solace with organic foods. Organic foods are considered to be like natural foods. These foods do not contain any harmful processing agents or ingredients or chemicals and pesticides. Whole Foods Market is a producer and seller of organic foods. The trends associated with retailing of organic foods have impacted those of Whole Foods Market. Other supermarkets who are now selling organic foods have created a
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Consumers have been more loyal to traditional foods over organic foods. What do these trends mean for Whole Foods Market? Whole Foods Market’s slogan is “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet (Thompson, 2009, Pg. C-6).” Whole Foods Market should ensure that their organic foods are the best quality for the lowest prices possible to be competitive with other retailers of organic foods. They need to make consumers fully aware of the benefits received from consumption of organic foods. Benefits entail healthier bodies, no harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives and environmental friendly farming. Consumers need to know that organic foods are farmed on land that is purer than foods produced on other farming land.
Competitive Environment Factors Michael Porter’s model relies on five forces in maintaining a competitive edge: supplier power, threat of substitutes, degree of rivalry, buyer power, and threat of new entrants. The purpose of the model is to allow companies to have a better knowledge of the complexities of the industry in which they chose to do business. This knowledge will help companies to be competitive in their industry. The following are areas with which Whole Foods Market should contend. Supplier power for the Whole Foods Market comes from organic farmers. Other organic food retailers have many options in purchasing organic foods and some retail

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