Computer Maintenance Essay

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System Information Maintaining your computer can be very tedious, but with the proper knowledge you can simplify this process by automating many features so they run and function with minimal or no user input. Turning on Window’s automatic updater will help keep your system up to-date. You can set the updater to check at set times with Microsoft to see if there are any new updates available. Knowing vital information about your system is an important step in keeping your system running properly. By using the System Information Utility you can familiarize yourself with all of your systems components and drivers. Using this utility you can view any conflicts that might be causing errors in your system or get
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Dial-up is slow and extremely touchy to the quality of your phone line, often people will wait for high-speed to be installed in their area or resort to using a satellite internet connection. Satellite is available practically anywhere and can provide high-speed internet access, but it comes with a hefty cost of service, installation, bandwidth limit, delay in connection and is susceptible to weather conditions. Basic networking concepts such as an understanding in how an IP address works, and what protocols are used in normal networking operations will give you an upper hand in dealing with issues if they arise in your network. IP addresses are 4 groups of 4 byte code separated by a decimal mark that are easy for computers to use and store in temporary files for quick reference. These addresses make the internet possible; they allow each computer to be able to travel with its own unique mark. This unique mark prevents information from being sent to the wrong computer and helps your computer receive information properly because servers will know which address to transfer all the data to.
The data that is transferred from computers and servers use protocols and ports to make it possible and manageable for data to correctly travel and remain in order. Protocols define the rules that govern the communication between computers and networks.

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