Essay on Concentrations Of Dissolved Organic Carbon

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A widespread increase in concentrations of dissolved organic carbon is related to changes in atmospheric chemistry. The main source of dissolved organic carbon and other organic matter for surface water is soil leaching (Delpla et al., 2009). The rate of leaching increases with the amount of rainfall, high temperatures, and the removal of protective vegetation. Increased rainfall and drought have affected runoff distributions and therefore is a major influence on dissolved organic carbon levels because dry-wet cycles have shown increased organic carbon following rewetting (Evans, Monteith, and Cooper, 2005)(Kundzewicz, Mata, Arnell, Döll, Jimenez, Miller, Oki, Şen, Shiklomanov, 2008). The increase in dissolved organic carbon in surface water shows indications of more acidity as biodegraded organic materials in natural substances are inherently acidifying agents (Erlandsson et al. 2011). Evidence collected indicates that the organic acidity is also affected by land use (Guo and Gifford 2002) and climate changes (Worrall et al. 2004). However, dissolved organic carbon supports growth of microorganism and plays an important role in the global carbon cycle. It is an indicator of organic material amounts in water, as well as supporting land processes, within soils and wetlands, of organic matter. Although there are benefits of dissolved organic carbon in soils and wetlands, the potential when an abundance is leached into surface water to interfere with: health precautions,…

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