Consequences Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

1543 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
Life-Threatening Obesogenic Foods Today’s generation may be the first to be buried before the parents. As a result of the young people’s unhealthy eating habits, America’s obesity rates continue to increase and the need for a change is indisputable. An immediate change in eating habits and physical lifestyles must be made before the obesity epidemic can no longer be reversed. The fast-food industry, though largely culpable, is not the only contributor to this issue. The government’s failure to restrict these companies from producing such unhealthy foods simply encourages this on-going problem. It is also a much greater responsibility for the people to stop consuming these foods. The young people of today, who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, will determine the health of the generations to come. Fast-food companies, the federal government, and this generation will each have to commit to the necessary changes in order to put an end to this obesity epidemic. As the leading country in obesity, America is the only country where the poor are fatter than the rich. Back in the 1970s, obesity was not much of a problem. However, as the traditional lifestyle began to change, the American diet did, too. Parents went from preparing home cooked meals to buying cheaper and faster meals on the way home from work. And when the men left to war, the women had to join the workforce to provide for the home. The women were no longer able to provide the families with healthy,…

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