Coral Reefs Should Be Protected By Raising Awareness Essay

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When I was a child, my parents used to take me like some children to the aquarium. Fascinated by the different colors of the fish and the different sea creatures in the exhibits that corals did not cross my mind. People would point out the clownfish that looks like Nemo to their child or the fearsome sharks that roamed their tank. But not a lot of people looked at coral. I was certainly one of them. Then I became open-minded to world. I not only found the corals function in life but also became aware of their endangerment. Coral Bleaching is not an arising problem; it is a “ticking time bomb”, as Forest Rohwer says, waiting to devastate entire species if people don’t do something about it. Moreover, I believe that coral reefs should be protected by raising awareness about their endangerment, by human activities, to insure that these reefs have a future.

What is coral? A coral is made of tiny animals called “polyps” that stay fixed in one. There are two kinds of corals, hard and soft. Coral reefs grow best in warm, shallow, clear, sunny and moving water. They grow very slowly—anywhere from 0.3 cm to 10 cm per year. Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth next to the tropical rainforest. Competition for resources such as food, space and sunlight are some of the primary factors in determining the abundances and diversity of organisms on a reef. Each component of a coral reef is dependent upon and interrelated with countless other plants,…

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