Critical Response Essay

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Critical Response Essay

The real debate - the pipe-dream or nuclear?

Mark Kenny 'The Nation'

Mark Kenny's article on the coal power versus nuclear power debate was published in the Advertiser on the 31st of October 2009. The Advertiser is South Australia's only daily tabloid newspaper, and is widely distributed around South Australia allowing for a large dispersion of readers from diverse cultural backgrounds and an assortment of age groups. The article has Mark Kenny's photograph situated next to a quote from the conclusion of his article stating “It's time for a real debate which admits clean coal is a pipe-dream and safe nuclear is a global reality”. It also has a cartoon of Peter Garrett being portrayed as lead singer of
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Kenny goes about utilising this line of reasoning through quoting Peter Garret out of context on a speech directed to the arts, referring to “ideological fixation presented as policy” and craftily relating it to the Labor parties opposition to nuclear power.

As readers of this article we can evaluate the style of argument that Kenny is attempting to use to convey his thoughts and views. He achieves this through the Toulmin argument structure by identifying the six main elements, being: claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifier and rebuttal to create a persuasive argument derived from the ideas of English philosopher Stephen Toulmin.

The Toulmin argument is set out through the claim, which is the statement you are trying to get your readers to accept, in this case it is Kenny's views that clean coal is not commercially viable and nuclear power is a global reality. Then he moves onto grounds, which is the basis of the argument and provides the data or evidence to persuade the reader into believing your argument, such as “Sage predictions put commercially viable clean coal at about two decades away”. Then warrant which links the data from grounds to the claim, Kenny consistently does this throughout his article by always referring to how nuclear power is the way that Australia should be headed as opposed to coal, and backing is

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