Cultural Assessment of the Korean American Essay example

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Cultural Assessment of a Korean American Culture includes the customs, traditions, ideas, and ways of interacting with the environment that often differ in various parts of the world. Over the last several decades in the U.S. there has been a growing awareness and tolerance of cultures other than the traditional western culture in the community. And in healthcare we are expected to provide all patients and families with the same respect and treatment, but at the same time provide individualized care. In order to meet these standards the work place environment has responded with training and education on cultural competence. The term cultural competence can be defined by the ability to respect and understand the beliefs and attitudes of …show more content…
She stated that she however felt that she was a mix of all of the religions. She explained that she did not specifically identify herself in any of the categories. M.S. also added that she has noticed that regardless of the practicing religion, the temple almost always serves as both a religious worshipping ground, as well as a social and educational center. She described how the temple provides the Korean American with group ties and the feeling of acceptance. M.S. stated that many of the members in her church incorporate the church as almost part of that person’s identity. The longer she has been in the U.S. the more M.S. stated that she has drifted from the idea of the importance of the church family.
Language and Communication M.S. didn’t have much to say about language except to laugh and ask me what I thought of her communication skill. She stated that much of the Korean culture in regard to speaking is that “less is more.” She explained this as the fact that it is culturally unacceptable, especially for women, to speak too much, or too fast, or to speak before thinking. She expressed that it is very difficult for even her to communicate with many people here in TN even after speaking English fluently for 20 years. M.S. has a very strong accent and often leaves out what she calls unnecessary words, also known as articles of speech. M.S. does not make eye contact very often and when she does it is only for a brief

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