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Cultural Event Report:
HUM 112 – World Cultures II

Cultural education and appreciation influence economic growth and advance a rewarding intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life of a people. Community development is a collaborative and facilitative process undertaken by the community that shares a common purpose of building capacity. The mission of the All Cameroonian Cultural & Development Foundation (ACCDF) combines cultural sustenance and community development to promote understanding, social cohesion and peace among Cameroonians, collaboratively planned and led initiatives, and external partnerships to enhance resource development. ACCDF’S overriding objective is to maintain and improve positive professional,
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During my visit to that festival, I had the opportunity to broaden my Cameroonian and African cultural horizons.
That week event brought the arts from different tribes and cultures into one and presented a learning experience for all. Many forms of dance, food, music, arts, clothes and languages are presented to the event attendees which are quite an experience. Not many cultural events allow different forms of dance from many different cultures in one event. The vibrant sights and exciting sounds of Africa were in the Washington, D.C. area during that week, at the All Cameroonian Cultural Festival. That event featured more than two dozen cultural groups representing the diverse nature of Cameroon, a country often called "Africa in miniature" because of the varied parts of the West African nation.
That All Cameroonian Cultural Festival featured a fashion show, an African art display, traditional Cameroon dances, live music, and other cultural performances. There was no cost to the public, and Cameroonian foods were available. The country's diversity was reflected in its four major regions, the grasslands, the rain forests, the savannah, and the southern edge of the Sahara desert, which also represents the major regions of the African continent as a whole. Music from Cameroon is among the most popular from Africa also, and the sounds can be found in American jazz and popular music.

During my visit to that Festival

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