Culture and Heritage of Bangladesh Essay

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1. Human being is the God's best creation. So is the Human Resource (HR), the best of all the resources that a country might possess. 'People' is one of the four constituents of any state, without it there would be no state. As the number of the people goes high, the state also becomes wealthier, provided that, this resource is managed properly to suite the requirement of the state or the country. HR is however the most important resource of any country. Like any other resource HR is also to be utilized amicably for the economic and overall development of any country. Otherwise, this may in turn become a burden instead of an asset of a
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Since Bangladesh is densely populated country, most of the obstacles to her economic development are directly related to the population, like the illiteracy, food crisis, corruption, health, political instability etc. In the current years Bangladesh has shown positive improvement in reducing the population growth rate from more than 2% to 1.75% in 1996-1997.[4] It also reduced dependency on the foreign aid in current years.


9. Present Conditions of HR in Bangladesh. Total population of Bangladesh is 126.8 million (projected 1998). Only 48.7 % are literate. Unemployment rate is 2.5%. Health conditions are improving at a higher rate than the other countries of the region. Life expectancy at birth is 60.

10. Potentiality of Utilization of HR in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a lucrative potential in utilization of HR. There are many sectors, which are in need of HR. Some of them are discussed below:

a. Rural Sectors.

(1) Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery. Bangladesh is an agro-economy based country. It has a traditional employment in these sectors. At present 63.2 % of the total employed persons are engaged in these sectors[5]. It has an added advantage of having more agricultural scientists and technicians as to support the development in this sector.[6] The fifth five-year plan also gave importance to this sector to make it a more attractive area for investment by arranging loans, ensuring

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