Culture Hybridity Essays

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A New Life
It was a hot summer afternoon as I sat in the common area watching the students pass by. I took note of their many differences. Some were tall; some were short. Some were thin; some were thick. I began to think about the fact that we were here for the same purpose: to get an education and live a better life. One particular person caught my interest. He was a middle-aged gentleman in his mid forties with gray and black hair. He wore a simple t shirt and jeans and had a backpack slung over his left shoulder. It was apparent he was rushing to class. It made me think about where I would be five years from now.
Although I am of Nigerian decent I spent the majority of my life in Europe. At the age of eight years old I moved to
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My uncle also had an eleven year old son from a previous marriage, EJ, who visited often. I was overwhelmed by the sounds of children crying, videos games on the television, and conversations about football.
Europe’s most popular game, soccer, is also known as football. I assumed this is what they were referring to. After watching this sport on television, I realized this American game was different from what I was used to. The men were pushing and fighting for the ball. More importantly they were using their hands. I kept wondering to myself why it was called football when the ball is kicked with the foot only a few times during the entire game. I watched the game for a short period of time with my uncle, but soon lost interest.. When I arrived in this new land, new sights, new sounds, new people, strange accents and even a completely new language all added to the mix of excitement and trepidation. I met new family members I never knew existed. My stay was filled with fun and exhilaration. I began to appreciate my Nigerian culture more when my uncle would host parties at his home. During that time traditional feasts were prepared. I also had the opportunity to explore the sites of LA with family friends and cousins my age. I met new people and experienced new cultures.
Although the US and Britain speak the same

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