Current Methods Use to Promote the Library Collection and Its Effectiveness

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A research conducted to highlight the current methods use to promote the library collection and assess their effectiveness.


Research has been untaken to assess the current methods used to promote the library collection and to analyse the effectiveness of these methods. The literature has shown that effective promotional methods can increase efficiency, awareness of and the use of the library’s collection. Promotion is one of the elements in marketing which uses persuasive information that targets potential users, it keeps the product in the minds of the customer and stimulate the demand for the product. Baker and Wallace (2002) show how the use of marketing techniques can promote the library
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These are usually used to spotlight materials of interest to the patrons (Baker and Wallace). They are also cost effective since they are produced within the library using modern technology. The items currently used are;

3.1 Posters which highlight specific genres within the collection. These attract users because they are placed in high traffic areas and the response is excellent for it generates interest among the school community to access the materials promoted.

3.2 Brochures and bookmarks are distributed inside and outside of the library and have proven to be effective because they reach everyone. They highlight the collection and promote access to the subscription databases.

3. Newsletter is produced by the library and contains current bibliographic information of what is new in the library.

A book display provides the library with an opportunity to display the items promoted in the library’s publications.


Displays are considered to be effective promotional methods for the collection because they attract the user community. They promote new titles and under-circulated books and they are strategically placed where they are the focus.

I. Book displays have challenges; they need to be monitored to ensure they are kept tidy and are regularly replenished. Despite this they remain one of the

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