Essay about Dashman Company

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Identification of the Problem
Subpar Communication & Organizational Behaviour Skills of Mr.Post
Action Plan
Had I been in the shoes of Mr.Post, I would have done an introspection & analysed whether something was amiss on my part which led to such a situation. Being the Vice president of the company, I would have taken all the blame on myself for not having handled the situation convincingly. Having performed such an analysis my immediate aim would have been to justify my purpose of existence at Dashman company i.e. to ensure the problem related to the purchase of essential raw materials gets over as quickly as possible. This would have been a
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Too busy he could be, but being new to the company he must have made it a point to visit each of the units personally & tell them about himself & about the need for change in business policies. Engaging in a one-to-one talk with each of the plant managers would have made sure that he is able to convey the precise message.
And as it is said that it is never too late, so Mr.Post should now try & meet each of the plant managers personally. If it is not possible for him to go and meet each of them individually, he could call all of them for a discussion at company’s head office & discuss the matter with them. Or he could even send his assistant Mr.Larson(who knew most of the plant managers personally) to discuss the matter with each of them.
•Try and analyse whether the timing of ‘centralization of business’ was inappropriate especially with the peak buying season only three-weeks away then.
•Encourage each of the Plant managers to opine their views
It is a prerogative of the Vice president to scout for alternatives that are easily accepted by the organization. By inviting people to talk & encouraging them in policy/decision making, gives each of them a sense that they are equally important in the organization & their opinion also matters to the board of governers. By doing this the VP is also solving his purpose of Centralization of business processes without depreviating each of the plants of their special

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