Death of a Salesman vs Hamlet: Tragic Heroes "The Essence of Fragile Dreams"

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The Essence of Fragile Dreams Success, although defining different perspectives, depicts a state of mind each human dreams of obtaining before the end of their time. If the task displays immoral actions, however, a different form of success requires acknowledgement just as equally as a task that demonstrates acceptance and heroic deeds. Therefore, every person contains characteristics that describe that of a hero, do they not? Each human has endured hardship and suffering. Each human mind composes itself of superior and appalling traits. Each human mind invents a hero as someone they could not measure up to, no matter how much they hope and dream. In the plays “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, and “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur …show more content…
Unfortunately, Hamlet does not live long enough to experience his sense of accomplishment, as a sword penetrates his body from a tragic misunderstanding. However, Arthur Miller's quote depicts Hamlet as a true tragic hero based on his relation to a common man's emotions. On the other hand, several other qualities exemplify this label. In Arthur Miller's play, "Death of A Salesman", Willy Loman, a father who has attempted creating a successful future for his sons, ultimately fails. Since the start of his career, he continuously attempts to keep his best foot forward and live the American Dream. He raises his sons to grow successfully, and supports his wife Linda. Unfortunately, as much as he loves his family and feels dedication toward his job, these simply express delusional misunderstandings. For instance, Willy, despite Linda's devotion and love for him, meets up with a woman and repeatedly has affairs. In addition, Willy, disappointed in his favorite son Biff's ability to settle for a job, acts rash and insensitive toward him and therefore their relationship seriously suffers. However, his dreams portrayed what he desired. Charlie, his brother, made it wealthy at a mere twenty-one, Biff, at one time, qualified for a scholarship to a phenomenal university. Unfortunately, Willy decides to

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