Debt Essay

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Debt Maxed Out was a very informational movie to me especially because I learn things about debt that will help me. My family has problems with debt and credit card using so I wish by watching this movie I may help them with those problems. Some of the things that I heard and saw on this movie, I never knew about. Maxed Out gave me an advantage over most college students who are prone and vulnerable to credit cards and debt. College Students usually are the most vulnerable to credit cards and debt. When you go to school on your first day you see many stands with credit card companies or banks who are offering to take you in to their company. They don’t do it because they want to help but because they know that they can get …show more content…
Banks and credit card companies have about 3 trillion dollars in reserve to spend on credit cards but to them that is nothing because they will make whatever they lose and extra with that. The companies want everyone in debt, they have no heart or soul all they want is money and nothing but it. College students should be more careful on the choices they make when choosing to get a credit card or a loan. Sometimes it is just better to last without the thing you want for a bit more rather than to get in debt. If you have already filed for bankruptcy you should have no excuse on going in to debt again because you have already been through the troubles of debt and filing for bankruptcy. Banks and Credit card companies don’t need you to be a graduate with a degree in finance or whatever major you think they need but they need you to sell as much as possible. Their employees bring them the money but only if they sell the company as a good deal. So the truth is that banks and credit card companies aren't out here to help us save money or use money that we may not have at the time but to make money off of our stupidity to not see the truth and how cruel people can

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