Essay on Decision Making

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Decision Making Evaluation Paper
May 18th, 2015
Professor Chris Mendoza

Decision Making Evaluation Paper Many companies offer employment within their companies to avoid laying off individuals from their jobs. Sometimes funds are scarce, so companies have to decrease hours a certain employee might have to work. That keeps them safe on the job, so they do not have to get laid off. They will see a pay decrease also but as long as they still have a job. It avoids them from getting laid off and searching for another job. Communication and honesty are very important to any organization to keep their employees informed about any changes.
Exit Programs
The early retirement plan is a broad topic. It is a good option if you do not
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Having a job is very important for employees that are just making it, and when they hear of news that they may lose their job can make them worry. Working for a company that helps the employees get back on their feet after they receive notice of losing their job would help them stress less.
Exit programs are a great way for the middle-income people to get by until they find a new job. Some exit programs help employees with their health insurance for a certain period and some help employees by giving them a paycheck for a certain period, as well. “Costs of employee turnover can be estimated in a number of ways, depending on whether the calculation includes both direct and indirect costs. The direct costs of turnover include separation and replacements costs as severance costs and unemployment insurance premiums” (" Exit Interviews and Employee Turnover", n.d.).
Decision for Employers As a company, employers should make sure to implement the programs that best fit their employees. As a whole, businesses should make sure that they make exit-programs available for all employees. It is extremely hard to lay employees off, and employers know this, but they must be prepared for the worst. Business can thrive on being prepared physically and mentally when they are laying off their employees. As a business, it should be a priority that managers and supervisors come to terms with. A

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