Defiance and Its Consequences: the Boston Marathon Bombing Essay

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SOC 100
June 5, 2013
Efua Akoma

Defiance and its Consequences
The Boston Marathon Bombing At 2:49pm on April 15, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts it was as if the first plane had hit the first tower all over again. 9/11/2001 is a date that will forever stick out in the minds of Americans; it is the date that changed my concept of freedom. We no longer live in a safe world there are evils all around us waiting for their chance to pounce. “The war is here now. It’s in our neighborhoods, and in our streets. We have to be united; because (the terrorist) are united in attacking us” (Halres, P. 2013). Terrorism is the most defiant behavior I can describe. Terrorists are bullies on a grander scale; they promote hatred against anyone who
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People can be pushed or prompted into causing harm to others by the gradual tearing down of their minds. If they believe it is what others would do if they were in the same situation. 60% of those in the above situations carried on till the bitter end because they were told to do so (Henslin, J.M. 2011). That kind of hatred can instill anger, fear, disbelief, horror, pain and anguish to those who witness the behavior either by first-hand or second hand. The media fed into our fears and emotions with constant up to date information by the minute even with false information. Those terrorist wanted to send a message; and through our own multi-media they sent the message to all Americans. Due to the ill released information in the media 60% of people polled said they either have little trust or none at all in what they view in the news (Douglaso, S. J. 2013). The terrorist committed a scandalous crime as did the media by releasing false or misleading information. The media should be held to a certain standard and government should enforce it. Yet the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing have become the “Boston Strong”; meaning those that survived are stronger and more prepared for events much like the April 15th marathon. I don’t believe in unjustly hurting another just because you deem it to be acceptable. How some religions can promote violence for the greater good of their religions I can

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