Describing a Treasured Bject Essay

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Descriptive Essay: Carter’s Drumstick We live in a society where we are surrounded by advancing technology and material objects, where many feel they are defined by their possessions (“You are what you drive, or wear, or drink, etc.”), where people feel the need to need to gloat and show off. It seems more and more seldom that our society’s inhabitants actually stop to reflect on what is really important to them, and appreciate what objects hold true meaning in their hearts and lives. Looking around, seeing everyone with a phone attached to their ear, or communicating in a virtual reality to thousands of “friends” is unsettling for many who enjoy a simpler lifestyle. Members of society are forming bonds with objects that …show more content…
Drumsticks are made out of hickory wood, because it is uniquely strong, hard, durable, tough, and stiff. The name hickory comes from the Powhatan language. These Native Americans exhibited the same strength, toughness, and hardness of hickory wood. This drumstick came from a forest in Texas. The loggers who harvested it are strong and tough. The lumberjacks who cut down the tree for the drumstick are strong and tough. The lumber mill workers who cut the logs down to size are strong and tough too. Aside from the characteristics of the wood, the workers of the Pro-Mark factory also refine, purify, and smooth out the hickory wood turning it into a drumstick. The drumstick is a yang (masculine) musical instrument that flows freely through the air. The yang drumstick however is incomplete without interacting with the drum kit, which is round, and has soft delicate membranes covering its tops, the yin (feminine) aspect of the instrument. Upon the drumstick’s impact with the drum, the fusion of yin and yang take place. A fusion where two completely independent forces must interact, becoming interdependent and interconnected in order to give rise to a new other. The drumstick and the drum have a symbiotic relationship, where neither can fulfill its full potential without interacting with the other; completing the fusion of yin and yang. A drum is a percussion instrument, a device to make sound.

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