Developmental History Analysis Essay

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Developmental History Analysis
Life-Span Development

Developmental History Analysis

Often in human services, compiling a developmental history is an essential part of gathering information that will provide critical details to assist providers in making choices that will help clients receive assistance with health and psychological issues. This paper will analyze the developmental history of four-year old Quaushia Bolden. Quaushia is a compilation of several clients that this author has worked with. While the names involved are fictional, the history is one that realistically illustrates the challenges that occur during a child’s physical and psychological development.
Demographic data is gathered to give
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This can tell the provider that the family may struggle financially. Quaushia’s development may have suffered by the lack of her father’s involvement. He did not complete high school, so may not provide the motivation that Quaushia’s young mind needs to develop a desire to achieve educationally. The developmental history for Miss Bolden also shows that her mother is unemployed. Today’s economy is creating more families that fall into poverty due to their inability to find jobs that pay a living wage. Poverty can impact a child’s physical development if a parent cannot afford to provide healthy foods, proper health care and basics such as running water and heat. Children of poverty may have to move from place to place due to unstable or unaffordable housing. Conditions they live in can impact their education and achievement. A child that has to move can face emotional, social and cognitive delays from the overwhelming stress. In an article on how poverty can impact a child’s educational process, Karen Pellino states that the social world of school operates by a different set of rules and norms than the world that children who experience poverty live in. Social contexts can have a significant impact on their development. Blending needs to occur that will allow the child to learn the values emphasized in school with respect to their culture and day to day reality (Pellino, 2007). Fortunately for Quaushia, her grandmother has

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