Digestion and Stomach Function Essay

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Project 3.2.2 and Project 3.2.3: Student Resource Sheet

Use the information found below to guide your research and to design your model. Guiding questions are broken down by assignment. Take notes, answer questions, and complete sketches in your laboratory journal.
1. Oral cavity, pharynx, (must also include accessory organs such as salivary glands, tongue, and teeth)
What is the oral cavity and what does it contain?
The oral cavity contains the tongue and teeth.
What is the function of the salivary glands?
Salivary glands are responsible for excreting saliva which helps with chewing and swallowing. The saliva is the first step to digestion; enzymes in the saliva begin the process.
What is the function of the tongue?
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This is where proteins begin to be digested by and enzyme called pepsin.
What is chyme and how does the stomach mix this material?
Chyme is the food that is broken down into a watery substance which is then passed into the small intestine. The stomach mixes its contents with its muscle action.
What role does the stomach play in decontaminating the incoming food matter?
The enzymes in the stomach break down food as well as kill bacteria.
What cells in the stomach function to form enzymes and acids?
Parietal cells in the stomach create hydrochloric acid and pepsin which digests proteins.
Why doesn’t gastric juice digest the inside of the stomach?
The stomach mucosa that lines the stomach is able to resist the juices of the stomach acid.
What are sphincters and how are they related to the stomach?
The first is the cardiac sphincter located at the top of the stomach, separating the stomach from the esophagus. The second is the lilac sphincter, at the bottom of the stomach separating the small intestines from the stomach. The two sphincters regulate how much goes in and out of the stomach.
What mechanical and chemical digestion occurs in the stomach?
The muscles in the stomach act as a mixer and grinder of the food. This is the mechanical part of the digestion. The chemical digestion occurs when the acids are excreted from the lining of the stomach to break down the proteins.

3. Small Intestine and Large

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