Discovering Microbes Of A Mini Ecosystem Essay

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Discovering Microbes In A Mini Ecosystem
Every ecological environment provides with distinct nutrients that allows certain microorganism to survive and grow. Sergei Winogradsky, a Russian microbiologist, developed the Winogradsky Column to grow and investigate microorganisms in a complex biofilm communities. This column will grow different microbes at different gradients that will appear on the column. Depending on the various concentrations of nutrients, choice of soil and water used, a variety of organism will appear over time in the column (Esteban et al., 2015). This lab was discovery science. The Winogradsky Lab was performed in order to study the diversity of microbial life in a Winogradsky Column and observe the types of microbes that grow in closed system when one nutrient is adjusted to the artificial ecosystem. By creating a Winogradsky Column, different microorganisms were encourage to grow based on the existing nutrients in their column. Winogradsky Columns were created by using soil, water, sources of carbon, sulfur, and one other nutrient: either calcium, iron, magnesium, nitrogen or nothing.
Two Winogradsky columns were created one for the control group and the other for the experimental group. Both columns had the same amount of mud, water, calcium carbonate, sodium sulphate and shredded newspaper. Magnesium was the third nutrient which was only added to the experimental group. The mud had soil and water of a pond from the city.…

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