Essay about Diversity Makes Good Business Case

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According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, “Diversity refers to variety in the field of concern. However, Leopold, J. et al (2005) refers to managing diversity as a belief that all individual differences should be valued and recognized. It is in this context that diversity has become center of concern in most organizations. It is believed that employing a more diverse workforce could enhance an organization’s service or products to a wider range of clients or customers. It is also said that diversity emphasizes for four main reasons, namely maximizing the resources available in the labour market, maximizing the potential within the organization’s workforce, creating business opportunities through the employment of a diverse …show more content…
It is documented that, many organizations have failed because their employees failed to please their clients or customers. According to Stephen P. Robbins, et al, (2010) stated that management for the failing firms have to create a customer- responsive culture. Such as friendly, courteous, accessible, knowledgeable, prompt in responding to customer needs and willing to please customers. It should be noted that the only way to achieve such qualities is through use of diversity. There should be a variety of age within the workforce. Older employees have accumulated great experiences on customer handling. Therefore, they can share their experience, with the younger employees. In so doing, diversity would make good business case. An example is in private hospital where older nurses have been commented on good handling of patients. Nonetheless, apart from sharing of work experiences there is economic growth as well as easing the mounting pressure regarding pensions and health care systems. It is also evidenced by Leopold, et al (2005) that a research revealed that, older customers viewed sales staff of the same age more positively than younger personnel. In regard to the argument above, one can conclude that, indeed diversity make good business case.
Stimulated by competitive pressures, emphasis has been focused on organizational sustainability in different cultures,

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