Essay Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Dogs are the best companions

“A dog is a man’s best friend” this is one of many quotes that explains the importance of having a dog rather than a cat. There are a numerous reasons why a dog is considered more valuable to have than a cat. A dog will keep the owner unharmed and fit. Canines are also intelligent and are more willing to learn. In addition, dogs are selfless and more delighted to be with you than a cat will ever be. In my opinion I also feel that dogs are physically more interesting than cats because there are countless different types of dogs to choose from. Mostly all cats look the same except for their colors but their faces and sizes are extremely similar. Dogs are definitely better companions than cats will ever be.
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In my personal experiences, I have never seen a cat listen to its owner. Cats will do what they want and do not like to be controlled. You can trust a dog more than you can trust a cat and you always know that a canine is more loyal. Dogs are selfless and care more about their owners than cats will ever. A dog is a lot more social than cats and shows their emotions. When you come home to a dog it greets you with kisses and happiness but a cat will just ignore you until it needs food or water. Whenever you’re stressed after a long day of work or school you can come home to a positive attitude and pet your dog, which will relieve your stress. There are so many different dogs you can choose from whether it’s from a Yorkshire terrier to a Rottweiler. Each kind of dog has a different type of personality and you can choose which one is the best for you. Cats mostly come in one size and the only variety they have is their colors. All cats act the same and are mostly always independent. Dogs are the perfect pets to have rather than cats. They keep their owners out of harms way and keep them healthier than usual. It’s easier to train a dog because they are cleverer and are very loyal. More emotions are shown with a dog than a cat in everyday life. Looking for the right pet is very hard and there is also a lot of variety when it comes to a dog compared to a cat. In my opinion, canines are more valuable pets to

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