Essay about Donner Company (Case Analysis)

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Donner Company started its operations in 1985 and developed specialized capability in manufacturing circuit boards for experimental devices and for pilot production runs. The company uses “Solder mask over Bare Copper” (SMOBC) technology which is a popular technology for denser circuit patterns and more reliable final product. Automated processes as well as manual processes are used to perform medium-duty, short-cycle, repetitive tasks. They promise a delivery within three weeks for orders less than 1000 boards and 5 weeks for larger orders.
While reviewing the company’s position prior to planning 1988 operations, Edward Plummer, President of the company found that the firm was experiencing production delays due to serious problems in
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The same is being listed in the exhibit.
• We may employ two resources at the Inspection and packing stage as it is manpower dependant and hence it will not be the bottleneck resource.
• The drilling process is constrained by machinery – we have 7 manual drills and 1 CNC machine. Taking the run-time required to serve the net orders for Sep’87, Drilling is the bottleneck resource.
• Also taking the order size as 1, 8 & 200 boards per order, the bottleneck is the drilling operation, which validates our above conclusion.
• The capacity of the unit would depend on the order size and thus we can’t give a concrete figure for the same.

Problem I

Determination of order size to be scheduled on a) CNC Drill & b) CNC Router

a) CNC Drill

Drilling can be performed using any of the following ways:
i. Manual ii. CNC Drill
Given Data:
Drill Holes Setup Time Run Time Manual 15 0.08/hole CNC Drill 240 0.004/hole Number of holes drilled in a typical circuit board = 500
For manual drill: Time Taken = 15 + 0.08*500*x = 15 + 40x
For CNC drill: Time Taken = 240 + 0.004*500*x = 240 + 2x
CNC drill is time efficient when
240 + 2x < 15 + 40x => x > 5.92
i.e. for all order size >= 6, it is more time efficient to use CNC drill
For all order size < 6, it is more

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