Dr. Seuss - a poet Essay

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Dr. Seuss: A Unique Poet Shel Silverstein is unarguably one of the world’s favorite poets. Millions of children have read his greatest classics such as “The Unicorn”, “Hug O’War”, “Ickle Me, Tickle Me, Pickle Me Too”, and “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. His use of balderdash, rhyme, and alliteration draws the attention of these children; nevertheless, there is another children’s poet who is as equally eccentric as Shel Silverstein: Dr. Seuss. Although Dr. Seuss is considered one of the finest influential children’s poets, due to his preponderance of eccentric characters and nonsense, critics consider his poetry limited. Dr. Seuss was a major success in poetry because of his various eccentric characters used in his poems. Wendy Mass …show more content…
In addition to the plethora of eccentric characters used in his poems, Seuss uses nonsense to draw his readers. Thomas Fensch quotes L. Bechtel from The New York Herald Tribune who states how “the imaginings get wilder and funnier [and] the rhymes [get] more hilarious” in Dr. Seuss’s work. The critic uses this excerpt from Dr. Seuss’s work: “I’ll go to the far-away Mountains of Tobsk/Near the River of Nobsk, and I’ll bring back an Obsk/A sort of a kind of a Thing-a-ma-Bobsk/Who only eats rhubarb and corn-on-the-cobsk/Then people will flock to my zoo in a mobsk/ ‘McGrew,’ they will say, ‘does a wonderful jobsk.” (102). Dr. Seuss uses an abundance of nonsense in his poems; his usage of gibberish that brings enthusiasm to his words creates an attraction to his readers. Because of the whole library of imaginative books Seuss created, MacCann states, “Fanciful inventions characterizes all [of Seuss’s] stories, yet there is variety.” The critic uses this to demonstrate the idea: “Through three cheese trees/ Three free fleas flew/ While these fleas flew/ Freezy breeze blew/ Freezy breeze made/ These three trees freeze/ Freezy trees made/ These trees' cheese freeze/ That's what made these/ Three free fleas sneeze.” Seuss creates drivel that rhymes but yet does not mean anything. This “new genre” Seuss has created is the reason for him being a prominent children’s poet of the world.
Seuss is considered one of the

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