Effects of Transformational Leadership in Individual Performance

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Transformational leadership theory is defined as inspiring followers through “broadening and elevating followers’ goals and providing them with confidence to perform beyond the expectations specified in the implicit or explicit exchange” (Shin and Zhou 2003, as cited in Dvir, Eden, Avolio, & Shamir, 2002). This paper intends to focus on the effect that transformational leadership has on individual performance. Dvir et al (2002) observed the Israel Defense Force and hypothesized that transformational leadership positively impacts follower performance, as well as a positive impact in: motivation in self actualization needs and extra effort, morality regarding their organization’s morals and collectivistic orientation, and empowerment in …show more content…
This was controlled by the experiment group being put through a transformational leadership workshop, and the control group receiving eclectic training. Those who were promoted to leading a platoon training course were tracked for the four month period, and a post 6 month assessment involving reputable recording tools, such as the individualism/collectivism questionnaire (Dvir et al 2002, as cited by Wagner, 1995), were used on recruits that were both in direct contact and indirect contact with the leader to obtain reliable data on their development, performance. Using a variety of statistical analysis, the conclusion that transformational leadership had a positive impact on performance, motivation and empowerment was shown through a strong correlation found in the experiment, and reinforced by the fact that indirect followers also showed an increase in performance (Dvir et al, 2002). Morality could not be conclusively correlated due to a weak correlation. These results show that performance is positively impacted when transformational leadership is applied, which is important to management because performance is regarded as an indicator of success. I think that more research should be done regarding the indirect effect of transformational leadership. Although it was mentioned in the

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