Emily Bronte's poem analysis Essay

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Background of the poem: Emily Bronte spends last days of her life at home. She didn’t have any outdoor activities. Her life was full of miseries and gloomy incidents. There is not any light of hope and couragment in her life. She was fed up with her life. She wrote this poem in those days when she was bound at home. This poem is the true representative of her disappointed feelings. She wanted to sleep but sleep brings no rest to her. She wanted to sleep eternally. She was disturbed by the painful memories which she had suffering in her life. She wanted to escape from the reality.
As Paul Lieder points out; “Emily Bronte wrote so little in her short life that it is difficult to appraise her work with any
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But in Emily’s poem, sleep brings dark aspects of her life more clearly and intensively. She sleeps because she can escape from her harsh life for sometimes’ but it is not so. So she wants to sleep eternally.
Shadows are dark, dreary, haunting and ghostly. In this poem, shadows are symbolically horrible and ghostly, when she says, “The shadows are dead My wakening eyes may never see”
This shadow may have been her husband or her protective person. When Emily Bronte needed the attention of her mother, she lost her mother. She has no mother’s lap to take a relief from the painful memories.
Sail is another symbol used in this poem. Sail is the symbol of something that is light weight, effortless and depend on natural sources. In this poem, the poetess compares herself with a sail. She feels herself effortless against the problems of life.

Wilder Sea: Wilder sea is the symbol of depth, mystery and violence. In this poem, Emily compares the whole world with wilder sea or it may be her own life that is full of mystery and violence.
A wave can be violent disturbance. It also symbolizes force that can overcome you. In Emily’s poem wave is symbolizes with death that overcomes her own life. Stylistically Analysis
Use of epithet is

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