Emotional And Social Development During Early Childhood Essay

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Emotional and Social Development in Early Childhood
Homework Two
Children experience many changes during socio-emotional development in their early years. They begin to develop the person they will become as an adult and everything builds on top of itself to form a personality. Hereditary and environment come together to build the intricate design that is a human being. And through everyday interactions, children increase their social skills, their capacity to feel emotion, and the ability to properly express those emotions. Many different things can affect how a child develops, but some important factors are hereditary, parenting style, and the child’s home environment. Those who are with the child constantly can begin to shape the way the child develops, to some degree. Families can affect a child in many ways. A supportive, loving family can facilitate healthy development in a child. Whereas, a broken, scattered family that fights when they are together can hinder a child’s development in a serious way. The size of the family can also affect the child. Siblings teach children to share, provide companions, provide positive role models, and are typically the people the child can relate to as an adult. Conversely, an only child may receive more love and attention from his or her parents, who only have one child to focus on rather than many. Sometimes with multiple children in a family, some children feel less loved or excluded because parents may have a favorite child.…

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