Essay on Employment-at-Will Doctrine

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Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Learning Computer Applications This employee has to be willing to learn the computer applications. She has to realize that these computer applications are an important tool for her to be able to do her job correctly. She cannot have an attitude where she believes she knows everything and is unwilling to listen and learn. This will not be accepted. Since Jennifer is a recent graduate, she does not have any real world experience working with an accounting firm. She has to put forth the effort to be as good as she possibly can. Jennifer does not seem to have the determination to want to learn these computer applications. We have to get her motivated, but she has to want the knowledge. As a manager,
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The way she is behaving is no one’s fault but her own. Her boss did take the right approach. She noticed how bad Jennifer’s punctuality is. The supervisor also took notice to her anger problem. The boss explained company policies and Jennifer should accept that as a way of her boss attempting to make her a better employee. Instead, Jennifer is taking advantage of her supervisor’s kindness. That is a very bad thing to do. The company would take the necessary steps listed in its policy to warn Jennifer about her wrongdoing. It is up to her to decide whether or not she wants to become a better worker and remain with this company. She is basically threatening the company because she has knowledge of the way laws apply to business. This does not make her look good at all. Plus, employment-at-will means she can be terminated at any time for any reason. If Jennifer does not change her actions immediately, the firm will take action without a second thought. If she does not control her anger and come to work on time, she will definitely be terminated. This firm will absolutely use its employment-at-will right. If Jennifer does get fired, it won’t be just because a supervisor had a bad day and wanted to fire someone. The blame will be completely on Jennifer.

Taking off Work without Consent Employers are respectful to its employees’ religion. People’s religions are their way of life. If there is a

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