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Summary of annotated bib
I am doing my research paper on sex offenders and what their lives are like after being incarcerated and then released into society again. I read a few articles that talk about sex offenders in a few different states. In the first article it speak about how Minnesota at one point had no laws as far as sex offenders having to register where they live at and work as a sex offender. There was a woman who had a son who was abducted at the age of 12 and he was never found she sought out justice for this. In her investigations she found that other states had laws for sex offenders where they would have to register in their county as an offender and they could not live within a certain amount of distance
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Now in the earlier article I read I feel like if the woman whose child was abducted would have never pursued the law to be enforced for offenders to have to register then it would be much more difficult to track down these offenders. If that law had been in place then maybe she might have been aware that there were offenders in her area and she might have been a lot more protective of her children. In this last article I read the author speaks about children and how they are most likely victimized by someone they know and then they grow up and become an offender themselves. There is a program at the University of Alabama that helps adolescents who have been abused and become abuser. The professor speaks about how children should not be labeled as sex offenders they should recognized as a child with a mental illness. They speak about how if a person is labeled as a child then they grow up and feel like this is who they are. When in all actuality if someone helps these people recognized the problem and where it stems from in their childhood then it may help prevent future occurrences. In conclusion, these articles relate to each other in the sense that in the first article, the law that sex offenders must register in the county that they live and they could not

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