Essay on Energy

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The Energy Document “Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” -Serbian Proverb Science can only talk about what it can measure and it cannot measure thoughts, love, spirit, or God; therefore, it cannot scientifically talk about those things. Science measures the physical make-up of the universe and talks about how it happened, not who made it. An obvious example of this is the illusion of conflict between creationist and evolutionist. They argue as if they are talking about the same thing when they are not. Creationist have no idea how it was done, they only know that God did it. Evolutionist are not at all interested in who did it, they are exploring all the possibilities from physical and …show more content…
By the time kids are in middle school and high school, they can be working on their own genome projects. Students could feel comfortable talking about base pairs, the double helix, nucleic acids, virus replication, and how all of the universe is interdependent. Speaking of acids, what acid in the stomach breaks down protein into amino acids that can be absorbed in the small intestine? You got it! Hydrochloric acid. Don't try putting it on the outside of your body; it will break that down too. What acid does your muscles produce during anaerobic exercise (that's when you don't have enough oxygen in your blood stream to pay for the energy produced)? That would be lactic acid which some say can leave a feeling of soreness if you don't cool down and stretch or massage the muscles used. You will pay that oxygen debt shortly after you stop the exercise. Some good bacteria that work anaerobically metabolizing glycogen in the vagina also produce lactic acid which protects the vagina from yeast infections, among other things. A dangerous acid is acid rain which kills vegetation. It is produced by burning coal containing sulfur. A large amount of energy in our country is produced by burning coal. If there’s sulfur in the coal, it goes up in the smoke cloud, mixes with water, and rains down as sulfuric acid. Not a fun sequence of events. Another reason to put more effort into solar energy cells, wind and wave generated

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