English CA: Creative Writing based on a Film: Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers

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This cave had been the heart of countless stories about brave knights and noble lords who had ventured into its depths on a quest to conquer the monstrous beast within. But the unsuspecting Frodo did not recognise where he was: Shelob’s Lair.
As he came to its entrance the most repulsive and pungent smell he had ever encountered assaulted his nose. The disgusting stench pervaded his entire body; it left him retching violently. His stomach churned and even as he scrambled backwards, away from the dark opening, it was at least ten minutes before he could breathe normally again. What on earth could be in there to create such a foul reek? Nothing but a mountain of unnameable filth piled high enough to touch the ceiling of the cavernous hole
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A trickle of cold sweat dripped down his back like a drop of wax sliding down a candle. His breath was now coming in shallow gasps which echoed in the eerie stillness of the room. Mustering his resolve he began to move forward, with slow, shuffling footsteps, even deeper into the depths of this rotten pit. He had only taken a few steps when he froze.
Something was moving behind him. Even without turning Frodo could feel the aura of malevolence emanating off of this thing-whatever it was- and encompassing him until his legs shook and he could barely breathe for fear of disturbing it. But it was too late. Whatever was behind him let out a long, chilling hissssss.
The sound turned Frodo’s muscles to ice. He waited and for a long while nothing happened. Cautiously he began to move until he heard it again: another low, bone chilling hiss. Slowly-against his better judgement-he turned around and saw the source of the noise. Raising the light clutched in his pale fingers he stepped forward for a clearer look and at once wished he hadn’t. For the light illuminated something so horrible, so gut wrenchingly terrifying that he was transfixed by the sheer evil in them.
Huge, malevolent eyes, dark as the night sky, were looming above him. They were seething with malice and filled with a grotesque delight as they

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